Strong, bold, fierce.  
Valkyries are a defiant symbol of the power of women.  
Fighting for community and connection, Valkyries represent the Bay Area spirit of unmatched progress and innovation.  
A combination of strength and grace, the Golden State Valkyries are writing the next chapter in the epic tale of the WNBA, a league that has transcended limitations and norms over the last 27 years.

V Shape

The outer shape reinforces the "V" in Valkyries while symbolizing the unity of Valkyries in flight.


A weapon that Valkyries are often represented with, and a symbol of courage, power, and authority.

Bay Bridge

A symbol of the Valkyries' strong presence across the Bay and the connection between their two homes: San Francisco and Oakland.


The strong telegraphic symbol of Valkyries.

Cables of the bridge

Bridge cables form five triangles inside each wing to represent five players facing off against each other in a game of basketball.

13 Lines

13 lines inside the "V" represent the Valkyries becoming the 13th team to join the WNBA.


A modern, bold and unconventional color that dramatically stands out when paired with black.

Larger than life.
Here to play ball.
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